Down the silent aisle I tread
Eyes pierce through the path ahead
Mouth of mine breathes mists of dread
Ghosts are they of times now dead

Hasty strides and bitter sighs
Lights blot tears from my own eyes
Cars sing out their piercing cries
Heart of mine sings its reprise

Wait, oh wait, oh do behold
Why am I half through the road?
Speedy wheels and metal slowed
Ran before indignance showed

Red lights were my saboteur
Yellow came, my visions blur
Green as haste, my footsteps were
Girl with demons after her

Winds lead not to where I ought
Tin and straw and mane I’ve naught
Road of bricks, a path I sought
Em’rald City this is not

Glassy eyes and concrete skin
Seemed to ask me where I’ve been
Drunken laughter, flowing gin
At this hour, a fearful din

Mellow music, guitar strings
From the dark, a woman sings,
“Come to me, my little thing
Soon, once more, it will be spring.”

Struck a match and there was fire
Warm, but hunger was more dire
Struck one more, food I aspire
Not the rattles of gunfire

Walking in the cold night air
Home, I dreamt, was never there
Three small knocks for food to spare
They don’t open; they won’t dare

Red and blue as sirens scream
Ripped me from my futile dream
Guns on me as flashlights gleam
“Why,” said I, “aren’t we a team?”

“Shush,” said they as they drew near
Struck was I with panicked fear
Ran for all that I held dear
Sounds herald a shrouded spear

Pain does bloom from crimson pools
Box of matches, box of tools
Struck one more, for I’m the fool
‘Fore my body starts to cool

Visions seize my bloodied breast
They promise hope; promise rest
Asphalt, now my gory nest
Down the corner by the west.


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